Welcome to my studio.

Here you can view my art work and purchase originals or prints in my portfolios.  You can visit my blog to see what I am currently working on and what is inspiring me at the moment.

I have just added another section to my art work and to this website, Design Products.  I am working with my sister to develop a range of products featuring my artwork and other designs that will decorate your home and garden.

My work is predominantly botanical, an exploration of intense colours, fluid lines and the lyrical shapes found in flowers.  It is about revealing the beauty and joy in flowers and gardens and showing them to the rest of the world.  I work with native and garden flowers, often blowing tiny flowers into large drawings to show off their amazing colours and forms.  Although I work across a range of different mediums, my favourite is coloured pencil layered over ink or paint washes to give amazing depth and richness to my work.

I take commissions, so if you have a favourite flower or view in your garden that you would like me to draw,  please visit my commissions page to obtain details of how I can work with you for a commissioned piece.

I hope my work brings you the same joy it brings me and let’s celebrate the beauty in the world around us.

Below you will find links to the different portfolios of my work, I have arranged them into different categories to make your viewing easier.