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About Me

Artistic Statement

Karen Bailey lives in Castlemaine, Australia.  She is passionate about flowers, gardens, dogs and the beauty of the surrounding bush.  Her work is an exploration of intense colours, fluid lines and lyrical shapes.  It is about revealing the beauty and the joy in objects and showing them to the rest of the world.  She works with native and garden flowers in the macro as her subject as well as the vast world of pattern.

Her style is distinctive and original, showing classic botanical subjects in a new and lively form.  She has two main styles, the large colour pencil portraits of flowers that glow with the depth of colour she achieves through layering coloured pencil over inks and her freer pen and wash pictures of gardens, houses and scenes from her daily life.

Karen studied art when she was younger completing a Bachelor of Education majoring in textiles and printmaking.  Although she continued to make a variety of art, her main career went along a different path until recently when she returned to her art.

About her flower works, Karen says ‘ I want to share the beauty and the magic of the small things around me, to blow them up and refine the shapes and the colours so they are made clear for the world to see.  There are enough things in the world to worry about, I want people to stop for a moment and see the joy in the small things around them.

Contact Me

If you would like to discuss my work, ask me a question or share your love of flowers and gardens, use the form below.  I enjoy talking to visitors to my website and blog.  If you are interested in a commission, visit my commission page, it will give you information and prices.