Pen, Ink and Watercolour

This style of drawings started in my sketchbooks and journals, but have been taken on a life of their own.  They are a way to celebrate my environment, they are quicker and freer than my coloured pencil work.  Some of them are done from life but the majority are created from photos that I take during my normal day of what catches my eye and needs to be celebrated.  The original drawings are mostly in my journals, but the beautiful quality prints are available for you here.

I am available for commissions if you would like your house or garden drawn, see my commissions page for more information.

Buda Birdhouse, Castlemaine – Print

Buda is a beautiful historic house in Castlemaine. You can visit the house and garden and it has a fascinating history. I love this birdhouse built in the courtyard.


Badgers Keep Gate – Print

This is a gate at the old Badgers Keep apple nursery in Chewton which has long since shut down, but the beauty of the property continues on with bluebells poking their heads up through the grass and old apple trees overhead.


On the Veranda – Print

Nothing finer than relaxing in a wicker chair on the veranda surrounded by flowers. Many G & Ts have been enjoyed in this chair.



Cumquat Tree – Print

A beautiful potted cumquat tree against on old brick wall in Chewton. I love the way the ripe cumquats are like little golden suns, shining through the glossy leaves.


Bounty from a mid-century kitchen – Print

This is the kitchen of a friend of mine who has a supurb design atheistic and I could not resist drawing this little slice of her kitchen. Her food is just as fabulous!


Bok Choy, Farmers Market Series – Print

I love to stroll around farmers markets and find the food as good to look at as it is to eat. This is part of a series inspired by this Saturday morning rambles through all things edible.


Cumquats, Farmers Market Series – Print

These little jewels of fruits made a gorgeous display in their wicker basket.


Fruit Boxes, Farmers Market Series – Print

From the Castlemaine Farmers Market, these boxes of autumn bounty were just so beautifully displayed and would look great hanging in a kitchen.


First Daffodils – Print

The first miniature daffodils under the lime tree. The first flowers of spring are always so exciting.


Looking down on Sancerre – Print

The original was a commission for a lovely American who I met on holiday in Sancerre France. It is such a lovely image I have made it available as a print.


Autumn Light – Print

A view of my lounge room as the autumn sun shines through the grape abour.


Magenta Storkbills – Print

These lovely little flowers were massed beside the track when I walked the dog, such fabulous colours and shapes. Love the long stork-bill like seed heads, though they will be sticking into my clothes in a few weeks time when they dry and I will curse them.


Garden Cafe – Print

The garden at Pope Joan Cafe in Brunswick.